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Am I just Getting Old?

The more I hear new music the more I ask myself am I just getting old? Have I reached that point in my life where new music isn't a big deal to me? I certainly would like to say no, but the more I hear some new stuff that's out there that thought certainly crosses my mind.

There are certain bands that I look forward to their new music every time I hear they are recording. One of those bands is Black Stone Cherry and another is Airbourne. I keep reading about Slayer working on new material and I keep hoping it won't suck without Jeff. You never know sometimes as once one band member is out of the creative process in can effect the band.

I am also going to admit that the new Scott Stapp record is pretty damn good. Haters can hate but I think it's a good record and certainly better than his first solo attempt. It definitely doesn't hold a candle to the new Alter Bridge, but I think that goes to Stapp no longer with the Creed guys. Again a member(s) change can change the entire recording process.

If you haven't checked out any of these bands I certainly recommend checking them out and if you have go revisit them.

Live Life LOUD!


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