Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt

As a casual Pearl Jam fan I know and like their hits. If this album is anything like their previous releases, then it's possible I have missed out.

Eddie's voice is still strong gives it a full workout on Lightning Bolt. McCready plays hard, fast and fun. Cameron's drumming is incredible as always.

If the first two tracks- Getaway and Mind Your Manners- don't get you going then you have a serious problem. They completely rock out on My Father's Son.

Infallible reminds me of their classic, 'Alive', when it reaches the bridge.

Let The Records Play, has the band really hitting their stride. It's a jam all the way through. The last three tracks switch into ballad mode with Sleeping By Myself, Yellow Moon and Future Days, but the slower tunes do not disappoint.

Lightning Bolt is charged with energy and should be picked up and in the collection.

Track Listing:

1. Getaway
2. Mind Your Manners
3. My Father's Son
4. Sirens
5. Lightning Bolt
6. Infallible
7. Pendulum
8. Swallowed Whole
9. Let the Records Play
10. Sleeping by Myself
11. Yellow Moon
12. Future Days

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